"> P&M Storage P&M Movers are a leading lancashire,Darwen, removals service who offer removals,storage,distribution,collection services for a variety of purposes including moving home.
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Removals - Storage - Distribution & Light haulage Company

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P&M Movers Storage

Individual Domestic, Commercial, Retail and local government or Nhs contracts undertaken.

Due to the rapid change and improvements to the storage industry, P&M Movers no longer provied their own facility for your storage needs. There are a number of custom built storage warehouses in our local area.

 P&M Movers offer storage Pods at locations provided to us by Store first under the P&M Movers banner.

Storefirst have allowed us to work directly from their storage warehouses under our own name. 

This allows P&M Movers to provide you with a modern facility in the local area.

The self storage unts are available when specficaly requested by our clients due to price and availability.

P&M Movers provide a bespoke removal, storage and delivery service with a specifically designed storage solution for people who are waiting to move into their new house once they have finished altering and decorating the property.

P&M Movers provide 7 day access for the clients who have moved into store with no specific date or property to move into. This gives them the ability to come to store and get things they need or want from their storage unit.

P&M Movers have unfortunately seen an unacceptable rise in the number of properties not completing or falling through at the last minute because the money has not transferred or a report is missing or a paper has not been signed.When this happens you may be in a position where your house sale has completed and you have nowhere to go because there is a problem in the house you are moving into.
If this happens do not worry as we have the ability to take your belongings into store the same day without having to book a unit. We will keep your belongings in store until you have sorted out the problem with the property and have the key in your possession.

Unfortunately this incurs an additional charge you will not have planned for and doubles the removal by going into storage then out of storage to your address on another date. The removal is priced for the vehicle and the manpower on the day of the removal from property to property. If the sale has not completed and you have to go into store, you then have to pay for a second removal from store to the new address.

This will be the same price as the original move into store as it is the same vehicle and manpower to load and unload the vehicle from your property to store then from store to your new home.

Please look at our legal page as it will tell you what to do if you find yourself in this position and who is liable for the payment of the extra charges incured because of a problem with the completion.

Domestic Storage

Moving house and you need to store items for long or short term. Contact us for clean, secure, indoor storage with 24/7 access and 24 hour security.

Commercial Storage

Moving shop and you need long or short term storage. Contact us for clean, secure, indoor storage with 24/7 access and 24 hour security cctv and on site secutity.

Office & Document

Secure and dry indoor storage. Individual units catering for your company needs. Picking service for documents with delivery and collection on request.

Industrial & Commercial

Industrial storage for individual items or larger bulk storage units are available. Collections and Light or mid level multidrop haulage service provided on request.

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