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Documents we provide to assist you with your move.

Storage inventory

A storage inventory is a complete list of all your belongings going into store. This is a complete record of your belongings and their condition when going into
and out of store.

Removals Terms & Conditions

Detailed terms and conditions for your removal. These terms are for your and our protection when we enter into a contract to move your belongings on a set date.

Storage Terms & Conditions

Detailed terms and conditions for your storage. These terms and conditions are the rules and regulations when we enter into a legal contract to store your belongings. 

Moving Guide

After over 40 years in the industry we have provided you with a moving guide of things you need to do when you move. This document is there to assist you when you plan your removal.

Insurance Certificates

View our upto date insurance certificates. They show you are covered when handling your belongings. They also protect our staff when dealing with you and the public.

The documents we provide are to assist you with your removal, relocation or storage and our aim is to make your move as stress free as possible. The inventory is a detailed record of your goods and chattels and the terms and conditions are the detailed information for your removal or storage contracts. Please take time to read them and be sure to look at the moving guide as it gives you sound advice on a time line as to what you need to deal with when moving or relocating. Our aim is simply to take the stress away from the client by providing an open, professional and bespoke service for all of our clients.