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Discounts Removal Prices 

Due to high interest rates and heating costs. PM Movers are offering discount prices.

Discounts are throughout: - February and March 2023.

Discounts will be reviewed monthly during the energy and financial crisis

Removals T&C Information

This is a short list of things you need to understand in the terms and conditions sections. 

Due to the confusion people have reading almost all company terms and conditions for most sectors of the service industry we have decided to make things much easier for our clients. This list will clarify the more important sections of the terms and conditions. This is so our clients know what is expected of them and what is covered or not covered as part of the contract. This is not the full terms and conditions which you can read in the T&C section. 

Most people pay lip service to the terms and conditions even though the terms and conditions are on the contract and the website. Unfortunately they are normally in small print so many clients do not read them which causes confusion and upset if problems or situations occur through no fault of our own.

This sort list covers some important sections for problems and situations that can happen when moving or relocating people. 

One of the most common situations we find ourselves in is not knowing about possible problems or difficult access getting to or into the new property. This is normally because the client has not told us about narrow tracks or gateways that maybe to narrow for our lorries to get to the house. There is also the problem of us not being informed of possible problems with access getting furniture into the house.

We have put this condition on the front page because it is so important and the client cant say they did not see or read it: - It is the clients responsibility to inform us of any problems we may have when we reach the new property. Suddenly finding out we have to walk 100 yards to the door because the vehicles can't get down the drive or through the gates will cause time problems and result in overtime charges.

Being told when we get to the property that the clients flat is on the 5 floor and there is no lift we can use is another problem that should not happen. This will in most cases incur further charges due to time and the lack of  manpower to do the job in the allowed time limits under the working time directives for staff and most importantly for the allowed driving hours for our van drivers.

No matter what the problem is or may be at the new property you must inform us before you contract us to do your removal. We can word the contract to cater for almost any given situation but not mentioning these facts or conforming to the terms and conditions will cause nothing but problems on the day of the move and may incur further charges due to overtime payments.

It is not the job of the removals company to visit the property the client is moving into as it would be impossible for them to do so when they move people all over the country and throughout Europe. It is the clients sole responsibility to inform the removals company of any problems they may face when they get to the new property and it is part of the removals contract. The client has seen the property and in most cases visited the property so they know what may be a problem for the removals company, so failing to inform the company of these possible problems will result in further charges or over time payments. 

Please take the time to read the insurance cover on the domestic removals page which explains the insurance cover in detail then you can read it fully on the terms and conditions page.

Please click on the removals terms and conditions button for further information 

P&M Movers use different storage companies to provide you with managed or self store options.

Long or short term storage available

STORE FIRST: - We use storefirst facilities if the client wants a self storage facility where they can come and go as they please. P&M Movers will deliver to their store and we will pack the storage pod for you but it will be up to you to arrange the contract with them and sort out the contract price. Storefirst is a custom built storage facility and the cost of storage is fully dependent on the contract you take out with storefirst. We no longer deal directly with store first due to the cost to us of the long term storage and the different price structures.

LANCASHIRE STORAGE Ltd: -  We use Lancashire Storage as our preferred storage company as they are a fully managed facility with a fixed rate storage contract price. The price you pay to go into storage is fixed for the duration of the time you spend in storage. With Lancashire Storage your belongings are caged & wrapped, stacked and covered with protective coverings then packed directly into individual storage units. The moment you are ready to come out of storage your belongings are delivered directly to your location by P&M Movers. 

Please read these important storage terms and conditions.

There are certain terms that must be adhered to such as: -  you must not in any way pack food into storage as this will attract vermin. You must not pack liquids or gas or any product that could leak and damage your goods or the facility. The top 2 most common problems caused by liquids are cooking oil and water in steam irons.
The terms and conditions are not fully inclusive but you must follow them and use common sense or your insurance will be invalid and any damage to the facility will be down to the client.

You must be covered by your own storage insurance when you go into store.

House Clearance Service 

We are fully insured to provide waste removal services and we are certified by the environment agency. 

We provide full and part house clearance services.

We remove unwanted furniture and waste left over in rental properties.

We provide a full clearance and cleaning service with steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, kitchen and bathroom deep cleans. We now offer a full viral cleaning service to remove any traces of the covid -19 virus.

The products we use are produced for the infection control sector and can’t be bought from shops or stores.

Full infection control services can be provided for any property large or small occupied or empty as all our products are certified for public use in the health and the care sector.

Specialist bereavement services are provided for families who are unable to face the prospect of clearing a recently deceased member of their family’s property. 

P&M Movers domestic & commercial removals, storage, distribution and light haulage company.

We work to the highest of standards no matter if it is a domestic removal or a parcel delivery service.

P&M Movers employ the same professional standards and service throughout the company.

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