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Continuing to work as part of the supply chain.

If your removals company is no longer working or has shutdown leaving you without a company to move your belongings, we are happy to help cover your relocation.

We are moving all front line services personnel working for the NHS or the public service sectors.

As part of the supply chain we undertake infection control measures by spray sanitising everything in the back of our vehicles with a sanitising and viral infection control solution produced specifically for the NHS and the Health Care Sector.

There is no charge for the sanitising service as it is for the safety of our staff and for your benefit.

Infection control systems we use are provided by Viroklenz a leading producer and supplier of cleaning and sanitising products to the NHS and the health care sector.

Viroklenz products protects our staff and helps stop the transfer of the C-19 virus. 

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Coronavirus Information

What is the Coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that usually cause mild illnesses, such as the common cold. However, certain types of coronavirus can infect the lower airway, causing serious illnesses like pneumonia or bronchitis. Most people get infected with coronaviruses at some point in their lives and the majority of these infections are harmless.

At least two types of coronavirus – Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV) – are known to commonly cause severe symptoms.
The two virus outbreaks rapidly spread across 29 known countries and was controlled by isolating and preventing the spread of the virus allowing the government health authorities to find vaccines and treatment plans to combat the outbreaks.


Coronavirus - Covid-19

In early December 2019, cases of an illness similar to SARS and MERS were reported in Wuhan, China. The cases could all be traced back to a large seafood and animal market in Wuhan.
The virus was soon identified as a new coronavirus and the illness it causes has since been named Covid-19 – Coronavirus Disease 2019.

The outbreak spread across China to other countries around the world, infecting many more people than SARS-CoV infected and rapidly spread around the world.
By the end of January, the new coronavirus had been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization.

Due to the speed and the spread of the virus countries around the world were caught by surprise. Like all covid virus outbreaks the aim is to control the spread until a vaccine is found and available. No one knows at the moment what the full effects are of the virus as there are not enough case studies or cases of the virus running its course to provide conclusive evidence of control and cure.

On a worldwide scientific level all the analysis so far suggests that covid-19 is mutating slowly, reducing the chance of it changing to become more deadly.
This being the case the emphasis is on isolating the virus to prevent or stop the spread of the virus C-19 by using the correct practices of prevention and protection as laid down by the government.

P&M Movers are working directly with one of our clients Viroklenz who are at the forefront of the viral and bacterial sanitising and infection control sector.
They are working hard to produce and provide new and existing sanitizing and infection control solutions and products for the NHS and the health care sector.

Viroklenz are providing P&M Movers with the same sanitising and infection control products they have available as and when they can.

P&M Movers will try to supply Viroklenz sanitizing and infection control products to the Nhs and front line services staff, the elderly and the at risk as and when they become available.

Once we have the equipment and products available we will offer an infection control service.
This includes steam like fogging infection control systems or the complete spray and wipe of all hard surfaces in your home using anti viral and sanitising infection control products.

All our staff are using the same infection control products when they are at work and we are doing everything in our power to stop the spread of this virus and protect our clients from coming into contact with the C-19 virus.

Viral Protection Systems

P&M Movers with Lancashire Storage Ltd are doing everything in their power to help prevent the spread of the C-19 virus by using an infection control system to protect our staff when they come into contact with your household goods, furniture and belongings.

We use the same viral and infection control systems and products Viroklenz have recently sent to China, to the NHS and the health care sector. 

The viral control products help protect our staff and creates third party protection to our clients through coming into contact with the solution. 

We working directly with Viroklenz to provide infection control services such as fogging and antistatic sanitising systems to protect and clean your home. We will also offer a hard surface clean using the same Viroklenz products. These services will be initially offered at a price which covers the cost of the equipment, solution and the time needed to carry out the service.  

We are also looking to provide personal and domestic infection control spray kits of different sizes for you, your home and your family. 

The kits will only be available on a limited basis as it is totally dependent on what we are able to get from Viroklenz.  

We do have access to a limited number of home sanitising and infection control machines which constantly clean the air in your home.  

This will not cure the viral infection but it will help control and stop the spread of the C-19 virus and provides front line protection to your home.  

For further information on products and prices.  

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