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Bereavement Services

Bereavement clearances are by their nature very emotional and upsetting for the client especially if it is someone close who has passed away.

P&M Movers know, at such a difficult time above all else you need a company who has some understanding of what you are going through.

The Management of P&M Movers are ex serving members of the armed forces. Due to the nature of the work they carried out they fully understand how emotionally distressing it is for families who suffered a sudden bereavement.

We understand the emotional stress you are under having to organise funerals and the difficulty you have just sorting through the deceased property and belongings.Be it a sudden bereavement or long term illness the grief is still present and the emotional stress of having to deal with your loss can be debilitating.

P&M Movers provide the bereavement service to assist the client with the organising and sorting of the deceased property and belongings. Our aim is to relieve as much pressure and emotional stress from the client during this painful and upsetting time.

Our employees are polite, well presented professionals who carry out their duties in a quiet respectful manner.

When you employ P&M Movers to carry out this Bereavement service we can collect the keys directly from the client if they are up to it or from an authorised person. We carry out a brief survey to assess the amount of work involved. Once we have an idea of what we are dealing with we can provide clearance solutions for the client allowing them to decide which option they prefer.

P&M Movers can work directly with solicitors or undertakers, family and friends, children and relatives at home or abroad. If the client is not in the same county or country, P&M Movers can still carry out the bereavement service working under the instructions from the family or the solicitors.


P&M Movers sort all property and belongings into specific sections ranging from personal documents and photographs to the tools in the garden shed. All personal property and belongings are inventoried with a brief description and assessed condition of the listed items. A separate inventory is carried out for documents and any high value or sentimental value items requested by the client.

We work to an agreed clearance plan arranged with the client prior to us implementing the house clearance. Items we clear from the property include, furniture white goods and general household goods. Cleared items are either placed into storage or taken to a respectable auction house once the information and the value has been confirmed by a third party.

Our clearance team work from top to bottom, separating items our client has specifically asked us to look out for. We hold onto any items we feel may have a sentimental value, such as photographs, important legal paper work or jewellery. Once the property has been cleared the items will either be placed in to storage, in to the auction or will be handed to the client.


Any leftover items can be offered to a charity of your choice or we will give them to our chosen charities. Nothing will be left behind and the property will be empty ready for the client to clean while they have to opportunity to do so. We offer a complete house cleaning service if you find it all a little too much to deal with.


P&M Movers provide discrete and compassionate bespoke clearance solutions for all our clients’ requirements.

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