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 Cleaning Services

P&M Movers through years of moving people know the last thing our clients do is clean their house.
When you move out of your old house you want to leave it clean and tidy for the new owners.
You expect your new house to be in the same condition which is not always the case.
P&M Movers do the final removals check to confirm everything that is being moved is on the removals van.
Once this is done we can provide you with a cleaning service to do a final house clean on your behalf after you have gone.
P&M Movers cleaning services are bespoke so we clean to your schedule and carry out your requirements.
We get houses ready for our clients so they can happily move in or out of their property without worrying about it being clean.
P&M Movers also offer oven and carpet cleaning services on request.
P&M Movers work directly with a specialist company Viroklenz who provide us with the latest bacterial and antimicrobial cleaning products which guarantee your home is cleaned with products used in health care and food production sectors.
You can rest assured that your home will be sanitized, cleansed and smell fresh for you or your buyer.
P&M Movers provide the bespoke cleaning service you expect in your own home.

Carpets, Kitchen Ovens, Baths & Toilets.
Full house Cleaning Service and Rubbish Removal.
P&M Movers: - Registered environment agency waste removals company. 

 Builders Cleaning services

Renovated and New Build Property Cleaning Service

P&M Movers provide cleaning services for the Domestic, Retail and Commercial Sectors.

Due to the huge rise in the new build housing market and the relaxation of the planning laws for the green belt, we are being asked on a regular basis to carry out deep cleans for renovated and new build properties.

P&M Movers have the skill set and the equipment to carry out this level of cleaning due to one of our directors being part of the senior management team for the largest cleaning and service company based in the Uk.

Having the skill set required to carry out contracts for Hospitals, Airports, Supermarkets and a multitude of other sectors makes it a natural progression for us to offer cleaning services to go with our domestic and commercial property rubbish removal contracts.

We work with builders and estate agents to clear houses before the builders move in and prior to them moving out.

Please contact us if you would like further information on the clearing and cleaning of your domestic,retail or comercial property.

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