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Domestic Removals

P&M Movers are a fully insured removals company.

We have employers’ liability insurance: - this protects our employees if they fall ill or are injured in the course of their work.

Public liability insurance policy protects the client and the public in the event of an accident or injury. 

Goods in transit insurance to cover you incase of an accident when your household goods are being carried on our vehicles.

P&M Movers deliver a bespoke domestic removal service covering the Lancashire area and the Northwest. We take the stress out of moving by working in a professional and polite manner. Our removals service covers every aspect of the removals sector and we are a fully insured company. Our friendly and efficient team will deliver a totally professional service no matter the size of project. Our dedicated team of professionals have years of experience across a variety of domestic removal projects. We have a fleet of vehicles which are fully equipped and carry all essential tools, trolleys, blankets, webbing, mattress bags and necessary moving equipment. For insurance reasons we regret we cannot carry anything flammable such as gas bottles, paraffin, solvents etc.

The owners of P&M Movers served with the armed forces all over the world. Being part of the Armed Forces Community they offer a bespoke discounted service for full and part time serving members of the combined armed forces. Members of the Territorial Army including past and present members from all regiments. Members of the Royal Navy and the Royal Air force past and present also members of the Merchant Navy past and present. We discount all veterans from all branches of the armed forces and civilian bodies such as the Royal British Legion. We also offer a special discount to all injured members of the armed forces past and present. The discounts we offer cover all product P&M Movers have to offer. European and International moves will be quoted as a fixed price including the discount in the final figure.

Accident and Goods in Transit Insurance

Clients must read the terms and conditions on every removals company website or ask for a copy of them so you are fully aware of what you are paying when you book a removals company.

GOODS IN TRANSIT INSURANCE: - This insurance is exactly what is says it is, when your goods are loaded onto the van your belongings are covered for damage in the case of an accident, crash, shunt or any incident on any public highways maintained road surface. This is not included for farm tracks or private unkept roads or any un-adopted road which has pot holes and boulders sticking out that could cause the vehicle to rock badly or bounce due to the surface. If we are involved in an accident and damage is caused to your belongings when on our vehicles you are covered by our goods in transit insurance. This is the same for all insured removals companies.

HOUSEHOLD AND DOMESTIC INSURANCE: - (Accident Insurance or removals insurance)

This insurance is what different removals companies charge you or ask you if you want to take it out with them, some call it top up insurance. This is what we explain to you when we come and give you a quotation. Accident insurance is for as stated accidents when moving house or in and out of storage. Most people have this cover on their contents and property insurance which in most cases they don't even know it is there. This insurance on your own policy normally covers you for up to 72 hours while moving house and it is this insurance that covers you for accidents when moving house.

There is always problem after problem with clients when something happens and something gets damaged or breaks and the first thing the do is say its your fault i want to claim form your insurance. I have pointed this out over and over again when doing quotes that if a member of staff has an accident slipping on the stairs or tripping over the dog or the fridge freezer gets damaged as we have to go over next door fence as it came through the conservatory doors you have to accept that it is an accident and not negligence and most defiantly not through our lorry or van crashing which is why you claim off your insurance not our goods in transit insurance. If you did want to try and claim off our insurance they would tell you it is not a goods in transit claim as it was not damaged in our van while in transit and it is that straight forward.

This is not just us this is every removals company who carry insurance, the only difference with us is we show and explain what this insurance is for and what it covers.

It is almost impossible to have a 100% record of no damage and you can have this if you ask for us to pack and wrap everything as export packing. We have no problem doing this and you will cover any risk of damage when moving house, the only drawback with this is the cost of doing this and we will need 2 Days to wrap and pack everything. Big companies like Pickford's and other national companies do this and this is why they are normally 4 or 5 thousand pounds more than us for the same long distance removal.

 When removals companies do your quotation they offer the accident or top up insurance which you have to pay for as an extra even though you are most probably covered on your house insurance. This is accident insurance which covers your belongings if there is an accident or there is some damage caused during the removal. Moving American fridge freezers down alleyways or having to wrestle wardrobes down stairs when they should have been dismantled will and has caused some damage, this is not our fault it is an accident it has not been done through negligence nor has it been done on purpose it is an accident.

If things are damaged by accident you claim on your insurance, if you do not want to claim on your house insurance get secondary removals insurance which is what the other companies do. You pay them and they take out insurance for your move in your name then you claim off the insurance you have paid for if there is any accidental damage. We do not provide secondary insurance as it is pointless as we will charge you more than you would get it for yourself.

If you wan full accident insurance to cover your move then go online and take it out for your move and save your money instead of giving it to another company.

There are strict rules on what you must do to cover your belongings and what is or is not insured on your removal which is in all removal company terms and conditions.

Our terms and conditions are almost exactly the same as everyone else terms and conditions which is also the same as what BAR the industry standards leaders so we know ours are correct. 

The only difference between us and others is we do not offer secondary insurance and we are the only company who make it clear on our website what you are covered for.

Accidents do happen so make sure you are covered so there is no falling out or problems with claims like there have been with some clients who have left comments which have nothing to do with the truth.

We leave all comments online so you can see the good and the bad but we do believe you can see the whole picture and work thing out for yourselves.

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