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Understanding Estimates and Quotations

Assesing your removal requierments

Removals companies simply cannot give standard prices for the services they provide.

This is mainly because of the time for loading and unloading plus the distance traveled for the removals are completely different from job to job.

The different services the client requests including any materials required for each job are completely different which also impacts the price of the removal.

This situation is common in the removals sector where no two jobs are exactly the same.

As it is not possible to work from a standard price list, you have to give a quotation or an estimate instead.

The main difference between a quotation and an estimate is that: - 

1. A quotation is an agreed fixed price provided after viewing the property and assessing the client’s needs.

2. An estimate is an approximate price that will most probably change once you see what property the client has and what vehicle you need to carry out their removal. 

Price Quotations

Removals - Relocations - Storage

Quotes are only issued after an onsite visit or where you are confident that you have established exactly what is needed.

A quotation is a fixed price offer that can't be changed once accepted by the customer.
You must adhere to the quotation price even if you carry out more work than you expected. You can also specify in the quotation precisely what it covers, and situations such as adding new items delivered to your old address that could lead to additional charges are covered in the contract. Understandably, quotes give customers peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that they know exactly how much the work will cost before the job begins, unless the customer changes the amount or the type of the work required.
The quotation is based on 10 hours but not limited to the time it takes. All our quotations are based on the man power and vehicles provided but the number of vehicles can change dependent on what we need and what we feel is best to do the job. We do have problems with vehicles which is the nature of running multiple vehicles. As and when problems  happen we act accordingly and provide the first available vehicle to complete the work.

Estimated Pricess 

 Estimates by Telephone or Email

An estimate is an educated guess that isn't binding for what a job may cost.
What a client believes fits in a van and what we know are very different.

To account for possible unforeseen developments, we would have to provide several estimates based on various circumstances, including the worst-case scenario.
Requesting an over the phone estimate is almost impossible for the company to do and get it right. Without seeing what you have to move and what services you may need we can only go with a best guess scenario which could be way over the top or way under what you need. The last thing a client needs on moving day is to be told the price given is not enough and the price you have is for 1 trip only which has happened and still is happening with some man and van operators now. 
All estimates are best guess scenarios and no client knows what fits on what vehicle unless they work in the industry or load vehicles for a living.
If the estimate is wrong then the client can become angry as they do not like the fact that it is costing more money and they find it hard to accept they got it wrong.
We provide estimates on the information given so if you miss anything it may cost you more money.

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