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Burnley to Burnley

I cannot thank the team enough, they took care of everything and we could not ask for better. If you are looking for a company to move you then look no further than P&M Movers.

Horwich to West Houghton

Fantastic move michaels teams covered everything even getting another van from their base to move some garden plants that were not part of the move.

Cost of the other van from Michael!!! A pint for the lads on their way home. Down to earth nothing is to much trouble for them. Asked them to move my father later in the year thats what we think of them.

Burnley to Morpeth

The lads worked realy hard and the covered everything we asked for in a professional and polite manner. Michael was on site himself controlling everything and calming my nerves as i did not have a move in date. They did everything for me and michael took controll of everything from start to finish.

5 star company with a 5 star service.

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