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Domestic House Clearence Service

For the complete house clearance service that leaves your property empty ready for cleaning or dressing ready for resale call P&M Movers today and we will ensure your house clearance will be as quick and hassle free as possible.

P&M Movers house clearance service is a complete service, we do not just clear the most valuable items we clear absolutely everything from brick-a-brace, clothing, furniture, electrical appliances to just about everything.

  Or if you are just looking for a free quote we will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have, providing you with the most helpful advice possible.

We are economically friendly; we try to recycle an average of 90% of house contents. We sell items that we can and any items that we do not manage to sell we donate to charity. We also carry a council recycling certificate to dispose of any items that we cannot recycle.

This allows us to put any leftover items into the council recycling centre and they strip everything to their basics to reach their recycling targets.

This combined with our recycling efforts on behalf of the client gives financial rewards and hits an almost 100% recycling target.

We never send items to land fill we only recycle as we believe nothing needs to go to waste, everything has a use and landfill is not the answer.

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