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Insurance Certificates & Documentation.

It is a Uk legal requierment for removals companies no matter what their size to carry company insurance

P&M Movers are a fully insured removals company. We are required by law to take out employers’ liability insurance as this protects our employees if they fall ill or are injured in the course of their work.

Public liability insurance protects our business from claims made for injuries to the person caused as a result of our business activities. 

This insurance policy will pay for the cost of medical fees and compensation in the case of injuries to the client or the public.

Goods in transit insurance cover the client’s belongings or goods while they are in transit on our vehicle only. If any of our vehicles are involved in an accident your goods and property are covered by our independent goods in transit insurance.

Check with your chosen removals company and see if they carry these insurance policies as in a lot of cases man and van businesses advertising as removals companies do not have this insurance cover or protection for you or your belongings.

  P&M Movers provide goods in transit insurance while your belongings are on our vehicles travling from front door to front door as per the terms and conditions set out by the insurance company.

Any accidents in the home are covered by your removals insurance which in most cases is part of your contents insurance.

Accidents do happen which is why we have insurance cover,this is why we exsplain everything in detail so the client is aware of their need for removals insurance to cover them in case of accidents in their home.

Goods In Transit

Goods in transit insurance is cover for goods on our vehicles in the event of an accident or crash involving oue vehicles. Where damage is caused to the clients belongings they are covered by goods in transit insurance

Public  Liability

Public liability insurance protects our clients and members of the public who suffer injury or property damage because of our business. It can pay for the costs of legal expenses or compensation claims and is an integral cover for all public based businesses.

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