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Moving Checklist

Helpfull moving tips


Get estimate from P&M Movers, check that your own domestic comprehensive insurance cover is available against damage or loss. Book your packing and unpacking service if you need it. Confirm the date of your move with P&M Movers and confirm the arrival date of the packing team. 

Check on your home contents insurance policies to ensure that you are covered during the move and fully covered at your new address. P&M Movers have goods in transit insurance cover while transporting your household and personal belongings. Make arrangements for your gas and electricity meters (plus water meters where relevant to be read. Arrange for Sky or Cable TV removal/installation if used. 

Arrange to take over gas and electricity at your new address and make sure that all appliances will be property fitted and plumbed or connected. 

Notify your telephone company and ask them to make the necessary arrangements for a final account at your present address and for taking over or installing telephone facilities at your new home. Arrange for changes of address cards to be printed.


Any waiting time for keys or people not moving out of their home in time is chargeable at normal rate. If it is after the time stated on the contract the charges may be claimed back from the other parties.

Due to reasons we do not understand this waiting for keys and exchanging keys has become a joke.

We are waiting until 5pm for keys on the day of the removal over and over again which takes the client into overtime and in some cases thy have to go into storage until we can deliver.

This situation should not happen, make sure everything is sorted with your solicitor and when they tell you to book a removals company you need to get that under contract. If the removal falls through and you have to cancel the movers you can be charged dependent on the time scale.

If you have not got this covered you foot the bill when its not your fault.

Lock down under contract times and instructions so if anything goes wrong you then know who is at fault and you know who foots the bill. See your solicitor don't let them give you a lot of garbage as you instruct them and you can demand them to cover you in contract law so you are not loosing hundreds of pounds because a solicitor has left it to the last second to get something signed.

Once your money has left your account for the purchase of the property you should get the keys as you have paid for the property so it is yours.

Get times and dates locked down with your solicitor by instructing them you want security for your move in case of late key hand over, no key hand over, late moving because the client is doing it themselves in a van or basically make yourself secure from paying penalty charges when its not your fault.

Until everyone starts doing this the situation will not change and solicitors will not be pressured to do their jobs in such a way that their clients are not being hit with charges because solicitors or estate agents have not done their job properly. make your arrangements with the people buying or selling their property so you are all on the same page and ready to move at the same time or have arranged things to suit each other.


 Make sure you have a good stock of packing materials, including sturdy boxes and plenty of string and sticky tape. Moving packs can be purchased direct from P&M Movers. Confirm all arrangements, times etc. for meter readings, disconnections and re connections with the relevant authorities and with your buyer and seller.

Begin to throw out unwanted items from attics and wardrobes, alternatively we will dispose of these items for you. What you really don't want you may as well sort now, or send to charity. It's a great time for a good sort out. P&M Movers will remove any unwanted items free of charge up to a limit.


Send off change of address cards. Arrange and pay for auto re-direction of your mall by the Post-Office.

Cancel and pay up accounts for routine delivery services such as milk, groceries, newspapers and fuel.

 Re-organise these deliveries for your new address.

Defrost refrigerators in preparation for move and if you are moving a freezer and its contents, turn It up to maximum for a couple of days before you move. Pack frozen goods into cooler boxes read for fast transport to your location or rundown the food stocks in the freezers which is the best solution.


Complete your packing except for those items you are likely to need overnight and prepare a picnic for moving day.

Have a large enough cash float available to deal with unexpected expenses and make sure you have collected documents and valuables together in a safe place.

Confirm with movers that cleared funds are available after the move has been completed. Cheques or any other form of payment must have been agreed with P&M Movers Management prior to move.


Strip beds and pack bedding and night clothes. Pack items for washing/toiletries.

Take down curtains. Take up rugs, floor coverings as required- Dismantle any light fittings, etc. not inducted in the sale.

Turn off electrical appliances. Disconnect cooker.

Turn off boiler/central heating. Turn off water.

Read gas meter. Read electricity meter.

Secure ail windows. Lock all doors.

Leave key as arranged for new owners.

On arrival at your new home, unpack slowly and methodically so that you can check for loss or damage.


Banks. Building Societies. Insurance Companies.

Gas, Electricity, Water Boards. TV licensing Authority

Sky or Cable TV if used. Telephone company.

Local Authority. Driving licence authorities.

Inland Revenue. Store cards and accounts.

Other lease hire or rental companies.

Employer. Doctor. Dentist. Schools.

Professional bodies/trade unions.

Motoring organisation. Newsagent.

Friends and relatives.