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Packing Materials

Domestic Packing Kits

Moving is the most Stressful & Expensive Affair. The burden of Packing cannot be ignored. Companies may promise you High Quality Moving Boxes and Packing Materials, but at the same time these products will come with the High Quality Price Tags on them.

For this reason P&M Movers source their own packing materials which we use on our own packing service jobs.

P&M Movers provide the packaging materials you need from our own stock so you get the bulk cost savings on your materials.

The largest savings we can provide you is through buying our complete packing kits which allows you a more efficient packing solution.

Our dedicated, experienced staffs are available to work with you and provide you with the right kit for your needs delivered directly to your door. Our understanding of your packaging needs saves you time, money removing the stress of looking for packing materials you think you need.

You provide us with the information on what you are packing and we provide the correct packing kit for your packing needs.

You can bypass all of the time and effort of sourcing packing materials by contracting P&M Movers to do your packing for you.

Take the time to look at our packing services and allow us to give you a quote and provide you with a bespoke P&M Movers packing solution.

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