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 Home packing service.

P&M Movers provide a home and commercial packing service to cover all your packing needs.

We provide trained staff to come to your home or location and work with you packing your goods or belongings ready for removal.

We provide all the materials as part of the service and label the boxes according to your removal plan.

All boxes are packed according to how they will load on to our vehicles or into storage.

All boxes will be packed using the correct materials and packed according to the weight the porters can softly lift.

Packing is not difficult if you know how to pack, our packing team are professionals and they know how to pack boxes correctly.

A simple mistake people make "which we do not" is to pack plates flat in boxes when they should be on their side.

This is why you employ professionals they know what to pack and how to pack it.

The packing service will be assessed and priced at a fixed price according to time and materials needed.

It is also worth looking at or dismantling service as you get this service at the same time as the packing service.

Once the dismantlers have finished they always help the packers as they work together so you get that extra help free.

Packing normally takes place the day prior to the move and we try to load the boxes and packed goods on the same day.

Loading the boxes the day before makes the day of the move go twice as quick as half of the loading has been done.

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