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 Home packing service.

P&M Movers provide a home and commercial packing service to cover all your packing needs.

We provide trained staff to come to your home or location and work with you packing your goods or belongings ready for removal.

We provide all the materials as part of the service and label the boxes according to your removal plan.

All boxes are packed according to how they will load on to our vehicles or into storage.

All boxes will be packed using the correct materials and packed according to the weight the porters can softly lift.

Packing is not difficult if you know how to pack, our packing team are professionals and they know how to pack boxes correctly.

A simple mistake people make "which we do not" is to pack plates flat in boxes when they should be on their side.

This is why you employ professionals they know what to pack and how to pack it.

The packing service will be assessed and priced at a fixed price according to time and materials needed.

It is also worth looking at or dismantling service as you get this service at the same time as the packing service.

Once the dismantling team have finished they help the packers as they work together so you get that extra help free.

Packing normally takes place the day prior to the move and we try to load the boxes and packed goods on the same day.

Loading the boxes the day before makes the day of the move go twice as quick as half of the loading has been done.

Packing Service

Full or Part Packing Services

Full Packing Service: - The full packing service comprises of our packing teams sorting and packing all your household goods ready for the removal. The items do not include any personal belongings or documents, money, jewelry or any items on the removals and storage lists. Clothes are not part of the packing service due to the individual clients preference as to who they want going through their clothes or garments. Some clients have specific requests as to what they want to do with their clothing and how they want them packed and it is because of this difference that clothes are not part of the packing service. You can request the service where we pack your clothes for you but it is an extra service and you must go through this at the quotation stage of your removal assessment. There are many different reasons for people not wanting us to go through their clothing, from the type of outfits they have to the style of their underwear or just because of the cost and value of items they posses. This is the main reason why we do not include the clothes as part of the packing service unless we are requested to do so at the time of the quotation. This will be mentioned at the time of the quotation and the packing service will be priced accordingly and the specific request will be added to the contract and the job sheet so the staff are fully aware of the clients requests.

Part Packing Service: - The part packing service is a bespoke service provided by our packing teams that is specifically tailored to the clients requests. No matter what the requests are the packing team will work to a job sheet which lists the clients requests as to what they want us to pack and what they want to pack themselves. Once this packing service has been carried out the client must sign off what the team has packed so there can be no mistakes on the day of the removal and the moving team will know what they are expected to do on the day of the removal. If the client has not carried out their packing duties we will not be able to take a member of staff off the removals team to pack their belongings because the client did not get round to doing their packing. If this happens we will have to get another member of staff to the property to carry out the packing that needs doing and a further charge will be added to the original contract price.

Rules and Regulations: - No matter who packs the clients belongings they must 100% adhere to the packing rules and regulations especially if they are going into storage. You can find these rules in the terms and conditions and on the storage page. The basics of the rules are common seance, there must be no liquids of any kind or fluids such as detergent, to liquid air freshener as these at some stage will leak or burst and will ruin furniture and the clients belongings. There must be no jewelry unless agreed and a liability statement made stating we are not liable if you loose you 5mm diamond earing and the same goes for expensive watches and such like. The list is not endless and you must be aware of it before you start packing or getting things ready for  us to pack. It is not the responsibility of the packing team to sort through your things and remove what we think is right or wrong but they will inform you if they come across things that we will not pack or put into storage.

If packing for a removal use commonsense and follow the information on the website and in the terms and conditions and if you are not sure just ask and we will tell you even if we are not doing the packing for you..

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