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Painting, Decorating & Building Services

P&M Movers provide a painting and decorating service for private sellers but we are mainly focused on the estate agents and the release home equity companies.
Once estate agents or private equity companies receive a property they would love it to be in pristine condition but more than likely they will be in need of a good clean, painting and decorating or some internal or extern building repairs.
P&M Movers provide a complete detailed no obligation reporting service free of charge. We visit the property and supply the client with a factual report on the condition of the property backed up with a photo file showing the condition of the arears highlighted in the property report.
Working off the report P&M Movers will provide a bespoke service for individual properties from complete house clearances to painting and decorating or carrying out any repairs needed to bring the property back to an acceptable condition.
P&M Movers will provide all the services needed for you to have the property ready to move prospective clients in knowing that everything is as it should be.
P&M Movers will provide the client with a final report and photograph record of the finished property.
P&M Movers are supplying a blank canvas service where the property will be painted and decorated from top to bottom with plain colours ready for the client to either sell or move people in who can make it their own without having to do any major work.
Any repairs that need doing will be carried out by professional builders and will be quoted for prior to proceeding with any work listed on the property report.
P&M Movers can provide references from a number of councils, local government institutions and personal references from senior members of staff from councils, universities and the mod.
P&M Movers only use registered professionals on the council or government service providers list for any work we provide.
You can rest assured that your property will be ready for the rental or sales market within the time scale stated on any contract we undertake.
P&M Movers’ are a fully insured and recognised service supplier with employee and public liability insurance as well as goods in transit insurance.
This insurance cover and other factors allows us to provide services to the local government, the Mod, Universities and the National Health sectors.

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