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P&M Movers Vehicles

P&M Movers have a range of vehicles from Panel & Luton Vans up to Hgv Box Lorries.

We are the only independent removals company based in Darwen and the local area who held an active Operators License registered with the traffic commissioner.

This license allows P&M Movers to use Light Goods vehicles and Hgv lorries for removals work, storage and transportation of goods on vehicles over the 3.5 ton weight limit.

Man and van companies are not allowed to use any vehicle over 3.5 ton without an O.License.
This includes 7.5 ton hire vehicles unless they have an active O'License.
Driving a hire vehicle without an O'license can end up with the vehicle and your belongings being seized and impounded untill the driver or company can produce an active license.

Follow the Link to check if a local Darwen or removals company has an O'License


7.5 Ton Hgv Box Lorry

P&M Movers have a selection of these vehicles which are the work horse of the fleet.
All our lorries are fitted with tail lifts making loading and unloading safer and quicker.

3.5 Ton Luton Van

These Luton Vans are for the short haul or the local area filling in a section of the market which is not large enough to warrant using a 7.5 ton hgv vehicle.

3.5 Ton Tail Lift

We have a selection of these vans which we also use as support for the larger vehicles. Having this ability allows us to move large single items locally without any fuss.

3.5 Ton Panel Van

The panel van is used for garage and garden items. This removes the risk of soiling furniture with dust or dirt. If it's not on the main van then it's not a problem.

Removal Vehicles & The Law

A Removals Company can only use a vehicle over 3.5 ton if they hold an operators license.
This is a legal requirement and any vehicle over 3.5 ton being used without a valid operators license can be impounded on the spot by the Police and the DVSA or VOSA .

Roadside Stops

VOSA or DVSA have the power to carry out random roadside stops with the police to spot check your vehicle and to check all your documention including your Operators License.
Not stopping when asked to by a uniformed officer is an offence. The incident will be officially recorded and you’ll be interviewed later under caution and asked to provide your documents . You may then face court action or be reported to the Traffic Commissioner, who may remove or suspend your operator’s licence if you hold one . 

O'License & Vehicle Checks

If you do not hold an operator’s licence and use a goods vehicle on a road for the carriage of goods for hire and reward, or in connection with a trade or business your guilty of an offence.  Using a vehicle without the relevant operator’s licence is subject to a court fine and you also run the risk of having the vehicle and its contents impounded. An impounded vehicle can only be returned to its owner, if they can show it held an operator’s licence or the vehicle was not being used in connection with a trade or business at the time it was impounded. 

Driver Shortage & HGV Vehicles

Due to the current driver shortage and the cost of running hgv vehicles, P&M Movers no find themselves in the position where we have no other option but to take our HGV Fleet off the road for the foreseeable future.

With the spiraling cost of getting a driver and the totally out of touch with reality wage demands being made by agency's or other driver suppliers we have decided that we are no longer willing to be held hostage and forced to pay these unrealistic wage demands. If we had to pay the wages now being demanded it would seriously spiral the cost of your house removal so much so that it could put at least an extra thousand pounds on to the cost of your removal dependent on where you are going. It is for this reason and this reason alone that we have taken our HGV Fleet off the road and we are not willing to put the extra costs on to the client.

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