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International Shipping Service

P&M Movers are not an international shipping agent but we do provide the shipping services requiered by the international shippers.

If you use the shippers packing and transport services it can and will cost a fortune.

One of the best ways to deflect this cost is for you to pack and transport youe belongings to the shippers ready for loading into the shipping containers.

P&M Movers can wrapp ready for shipping and box, package and case all your items ready for international shipping.

We provide a bespoke wrapping and packing service.

We provide a custom built crating service and a custom built wooden storage shipping container packing service.

We do deliver by road to the european community and we offer the shipping packing service for the clients who want their belongings packing for longdistance transport and the possiable storage at the country of their choosing.

No matter what your choice is P&M Movers can and will wrap, pack, crate and stack your belongings ready to transport anywhere in the world. 

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