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Storage Inventory

Detailed inventory for removals into storage

If you are unable to fit all your belongings in to the new your house there is no need to worry P&M Movers offer the option of storage to cover your short term and long term storage needs. Contact us directly for your free quotation.

If you are happy with the quote, our trained drivers and porters will collect and load your belongings and transport them to our contracted specialist storage units. These units are located in custom built facilities designed specifically for the storage of goods and belongings. They are fully secured and monitored 24 hours a day with 24 hour access to the storage Facility. If you are not in the local area all we ask is for you to download the inventory list and create a record of all your items going into store which is what we will quote your storage needs on. P&M Movers will fill out a detailed storage inventory on the day of your move. Once your inventory is complete your goods are transported and kept secure in the storage facility using on one of our short or long term storage package to suit your needs. 

Our storage packages are designed for your convenience and allow us access to your possessions as and when you need them. At the end of your storage period, we offer the option to arrange for your items to be delivered to wherever you need them, or we can have your goods ready for delivery when you need them. All we ask of the client is to give us at least 48 hours’ notice so we can terminate the storage contract and arrange your move accordingly. P&M Movers will impose a service charge for removing goods from the storage facility if using another contractor or agent. This charge is due to the public liability insurance not covering outside contractors or agents working in P&M Movers contracted storage facilities. Please download the inventory form and list your belongings so we can give you a quick online or in person quotation.

All storage is payable four weeks in advance which allows us to give you the lowest prices available for all your storage needs. Long term storage contracts are negotiable dependent on the time you wish to keep your goods in our storage facility. Long term storage is payable in advance direct into our company business account by standing order or direct debit payable monthly in advance.

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